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By paco

Hello Elgg Community!

I am a last year undergraduate student of Computer Science at University of Córdoba. University of Córdoba is located in Córdoba which is a small city but is lovely and beautiful. I have been participating and promoting Free Software since 2006 in the University through Aula de Software Libre, a space where students can learn together and share with others.

I will develop with the aid of Pablo Martin a project called Multilingual Elgg, which aims to transform Elgg in a platform capable of handling content in different languages, and to try to get us closer since the falling of the Babel tower.

I am very excited about the summer of code and about this opportunity to collaborate with this project and with this community. From my point of view Elgg is one of the most interesting projects right now because it lets people build their owns social platforms making us less dependent on big companies in the new paradigm called social media.

Multilanguage is important because in the era of social communication, where we are all connected we need applications that let people communicate each others with totally autonomy. Social translating is one of the first needs. In order to make it easier for communities to organize themselves.  Because in the world there are so many different languages we need to facilitate cooperation . One example, in Spain there are at least four different languages, Galician, Vasque, Catalonian and Spanish, just in one country. Every one wants to express themselves in their own.

Creating a platform that lets people write their posts in different languages multiply the power of communication of a network and this is one of the main goals of social media.

Let's work and cooperate all together, and all the year can be summer.
Let’s begin! or better, let’s continue!

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