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Hi, I am Saket Saurabh (Tachyon), a final year undergraduate student of Computer Science and Engineering at Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University. Banaras Hindu University is located in Varanasi, India and is the largest residential university in Asia.

I love writing codes and building applications that can ease the lives of people. I was introduced to open source about three years back and was surprised to see the huge open source community behind it. I really admire the idea of community driven development and how anyone from anywhere can contribute.

I am passionate about web development. The idea that we can reach millions of people via the Internet fascinates me. I use PHP and JavaScript for most of my development, but I am also comfortable with C/C++ and Java. I have hosted a few of my projects at Github.

When I am not writing codes to change the world, I like to listen to music and play computer games (I dreamt to be pro Counter-Strike 1.6 player a while ago ;) ). Travel and food are my other passions. I also love designing websites and posters.

As a web enthusiast I have always been fascinated by the power of social networking. And I was really excited by the idea of a social networking platform. Since Elgg is a prominent social networking engine, I was attracted towards it. I have written two plugins for Elgg which are hosted at the Elgg community plugin repository. Spell Checker is a plugin which adds a spell checking to all user input textarea in any Elgg website. Math Captcha is an alternative to existing Captcha plugins. It asks simple mathematical questions from potential users.

I am glad that my proposal Social Web Services and Client was selected for GSoC 2011. I am thankful to Elgg community for giving me this opportunity, especially to Cash Costello, Brett Profit and Evan Winslow. They were very helpful throughout the application process.

In this project we aim to implement a set of web services methods using Elgg's API which can be used by developer’s to integrate their software with Elgg’s framework. This will attract developers to create web/desktop applications with rich user experience along with integrations with third-party web applications. We also want to develop a client application, preferably a mobile application that demonstrates how to use these web services.

I look forward to interacting with the Elgg community throughout the project. Watch for a discussion post on this in the community forums soon. I am seeking input on what are the most important features that the Elgg community would like to see implemented.

I am very excited about the project and am looking ahead for a wonderful summer.

  • Interesting GSoC project. I will be watching quite closely ;) The Web Services (REST) functionality provided by Elgg seems to have been rather under-utliized and not matured very much - unless there has been private and unreleased development going on. I played around some with the XMP-RPC interfaces in the earlier days of Elgg (circa v.1.2/5). I look forward to the results from this project. If you look into SOAP/WSDL interfaces to the REST facility - that will open Elgg up to even broader perspectives..

  • LOLZ so little public interest in such a powerful new feature which we will soon see - which will propel Elgg into a new social networking era..

    C'mon y'all ? You all have been crying for this angle for about 2 years back ! and now.... silence ? Come here and give some show of support and the sense of our anticipations...

    And have you read of his recent technical achievements  at http://saketsaurabh.in/ ??


Student of Computer Science and Engineering at IT-BHU. Developer, Web Enthusiast, Entrepreneur, Gamer.

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