Elgg Blog: Elgg 1.7.8 released

It's not all 1.8 and GSoC for us! This weekend Cash bore down and attacked the 1.7 bugs, producing Elgg 1.7.8, the latest release in the stable Elgg branch.  1.7.8 contains important security enhancements and bugfixes. All network owners are encouraged to upgrade.

Security Enhancements:

  • Properly encoding search queries (Thanks to lord epsylon (of Lorea) for the report!)


  • Blogs - Fixed disappearing blog draft issue.
  • Groups - Editing a topic from discussion list page works now. 
  • Search - Group names used in titles. 
  • InviteFriends - Invitation link no longer shows up when logged out. 
  • Messages - Denormalized the message calculation for better performance. 
  • Sorting by time_created in relationship functions supported. 
  • Metadata and annotation names can now be updated. 
  • Fixed error with deleting a user with disabled entities. 
  • Removed unnecessary executable permissions on a number of files. (Thanks to pauloortiz for the report!)
As a reminder, if you haven't updated your network to 1.7, the time to upgrade is now.  Elgg 1.8 is right around the corner and as per our policy to support the lastest version and the immediate version prior, after Elgg 1.8 is released Elgg 1.6 will receive no more upgrades. Start migrating your networks to 1.7 now to enjoy the most secure and stable version of Elgg, and to be better prepared to upgrade to 1.8!

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