Elgg Blog: Elgg 1.7.7 released

Elgg 1.7.7 has been released with important bugfixes, one of which addresses a low-risk email address exposure bug. Thanks to Manacim Medriano the report!

Bugfixes include:

  • Only admins can view the unvalidated users page.
  • Fixed deprecation notices for locales that use comma as radix point.
  • Groups - Files can be completely disabled per group.
  • Pages - Deleting and creating subpages is restricted to owner or group member.
  • Groups - group icons deleted when group is deleted.
  • Pagination will not display when all content id displayed.
  • Fixed issue with get_context() when trailing slash is missing.

There were also two API enhancements that developers may be interested in:

  • Added $CONFIG->action_token_timeout.
  • Added callback option to elgg_get_entities().

Please update now to ensure you and your users are getting the most from your Elgg sites!

  • i found the bug on accident lol, thanks for the shout out brett :)

  • Could you direct us to an example use of the callback function?

  •      $my_data = $my_data_stuff = elgg_get_entities
              'types'                    =>    'group',
              'subtypes'                =>    '',
              'owner_guids'            =>    $OwnerGuid,
              ,'callback'                => 'my_get_entity_callback'

    . . .
    function my_get_entity_callback($one_data_row)
    . . post-process data row from elgg_get_entities
    . . .

    default callback is entity_row_to_elggstar() - one could read through the logic in there to see details of what's happening ;)

    this might become a nice new additon to the api..


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