Elgg Blog: Introducing "Ask Elgg" blog feature

Elgg is social networking--Our community buzzes with discussions from new users, experienced developers, and everyone in between.  To help Elgg as a project grow socially, we're introducing a new blog feature: Ask Elgg!

Ask Elgg will be a monthly blog post in which the core Elgg team chooses and answers questions submitted from users.  To submit a question, just email ask@elgg.org with your question.

What sort of questions should you ask?  Great questions might be when to use metadata or a relationship, why Elgg needs '/pg/blog/' before every blog post, or why Elgg needs a heftier server than blogging platforms.

Avoid questions that can be answered by reading the documentationreference, or community sites.  Overly generalized questions are also difficult to answer, so try to be specific.  As a reminder, support questions belong in the community forums, bug reports in trac, and security issues emailed to security@elgg.org!

I'm looking forward to seeing what questions our community asks!

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