Elgg Blog: Happy Birthday Elgg Community! Have a new beta!

Happy birthday Elgg Community!  Two years ago today the first version of the Elgg Community site launched based on Elgg 1.0.  Now at 1.7, Elgg has certainly grown!

To celebrate the 2nd birthday, we're releasing 1.7.4 beta, complete with exciting bug fixes and a couple new features!

Twitter Services has been updated to use oAuth, so posts to Twitter from The Wire will work again.  This requires some additional configuration for the administrator, and users will need to authorize their accounts, but this is a much more secure approach than Twitter's previous API.

Another new feature is allowing admin users to manually validate accounts.  With the new User Validation plugin, unvalidated accounts are shown in the administration page and the admin can optionally resend the validation email, validate, or delete the user.

Bug fixes include:

  • Mismatched passwords won't register a user who is never able to log in.
  • CSS shows up correctly when first enabling plugins.
  • WSOD fixed when viewing an invalid profile page.
  • User avatar dropdown menus work when changing sections on the River Dashboard page.
  • Admin users can edit other users' "Welcome Page" in Pages.
Please download 1.7.4 beta and help test.  If you find any bugs, open a ticket in Trac so we can fix them!

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