Elgg Blog: Community plugin repository updated

Thanks to some serious code refactoring by Cash, we have a new version of the plugins repo running on the community site. This release is mostly code cleanup, standardization, and reorganization, but there are some nice features added and bugs fixed:

  • A "Report this" link has been to the sidebar of all projects.  See spam or dodgy plugins?  Be sure to report it with a detailed message!
  • Categories are shown correctly by friendly name instead of ID.
  • Plugins with 0 downloads show 0 instead of an empty string.
  • Comments settings are saved correctly for releases.
  • Multiple project sidebar enhancements and UI fixes.
  • Removed uncommon licenses.

For plugin authors whose plugins have been migrated from the legacy system and now have multiple projects for the same plugin, we will be merging these into a single project with multiple releases.  No data will be lost in the merge, and it will be less confusing for users of your plugin to find the latest and greatest versions.

If you find any bugs, please let one of the core team members know, or report it on trac (be sure to set the component field to "Community Site").

Now that the code is clean and easy to work with, further enhancements will be coming!  Be sure to watch this space for any updates.

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