Elgg 5.1 released

We're thrilled to announce a new minor update to Elgg. Elgg v5.1 is now available for download in the download section!

Our team has been hard at work to bring you a more accessible and feature-rich experience. Let's dive into the key changes:

CKEditor: Version 40.0.0
Elgg now comes with the latest version of CKEditor, version 40.0.0. This update brings numerous improvements and fixes to enhance your content editing experience. With this new version, you can expect a smoother and more powerful editor.

Form Submission Made Easy
We've added a convenient feature to the editor field. Now, by simply pressing `Ctrl+Enter`, you can quickly submit the form. This streamlined process will save you time and make form submissions a breeze.

CSS Customization for Admins
In our continuous effort to make customization more accessible, we now allow site administrators to configure theme variables used by CSS. This gives you more control over the look and feel of your site.

Improved Cron Logging
For those who rely on cron jobs, we've added a custom cron logger class. This feature will make it easier to track and manage your cron tasks.

Enhanced Accessibility
We're committed to making our platform accessible to all users. In this release, we've introduced several accessibility enhancements, including menu aria labels, aria search forms, and aria landmarks for the header, main, and footer.

CLI Enhancements
Command-line interface (CLI) users will find some exciting new features. You can now interactively set the number of seeded items per seeder and use the new database seeders command. The "activate plugins" CLI command also supports plugin priority. Additionally, the installer now gives you the option to prevent plugin activation.

Security.txt Support
We've added support for security.txt, which is essential for responsible disclosure and enhancing the security of your site.

Admin Menu Reorganization
The admin and configure utilities menu items have been reorganized for a more logical and user-friendly layout.

Widget Lightbox
When editing widgets, you'll now experience a more user-friendly interface as the widget edit form shows in a lightbox, making widget management more intuitive.

Developer-Focused Updates
For developers, we've made several enhancements, including the separation of the theme sandbox into a dedicated plugin and the addition of an inspection page for database CLI seeders.

Scroll to Top Button
We've added a convenient "scroll to top" button to improve navigation and user experience.

We hope you're as excited about these updates as we are! We're dedicated to making your experience with our platform the best it can be. Don't hesitate to try out the new features and let us know what you think.

Stay tuned for more updates and improvements as we continue to enhance your experience with our platform.

You can read the full release notes on Github. Developers should also have a look at the upgrade notes to see which changes might impact their plugins.

  • I installed it on my easyphp server. It looks good. But I get the warning "The file "DSCF3408.JPG" exceeds your upload_max_filesize ini directive (limit is 5120 KiB)." when I try to add a photo in a blog. I changed upload_max_filesize as 10M and post_max_size as 40M in php.ini file and restarted the server but I am still getting the same error. What else should I do?

  • @Fazli

    Restarting the service is enough:

    service php8.2-fpm restart

    post_max_size must be more than upload_max_filesize, e.g.:

    post_max_size = 600M
    upload_max_filesize = 512M

    Try changing these settings for all php.ini files: in the /cli and /fpm folders both.

    Make sure you're using configs for the current version of PHP on your server.


  • I did all changes as you adviced but nothing has changed. I am still getting the same warning, and uploading fails. 

    Apache 2.4.48 x64 - PHP 8.2.9 x64 are used on my easyphp server.

  • Besides the PHP.ini limit, you also might need to change the same configuration values in the .htaccess of your website.

  • Jeroen, 

    Thaks for your answer. I also increased the values of upload_max_filesize as 512M and post_max_size as 600M in htaccess file. But I am still getting upload error "Couldn't upload file: DSCF3408.JPG."  for the jpeg file which is 5,55MB. 

  • Not only uploading a picture using the upload image button in the ckeditor menu but also uploading a photo into egallery produces error. It says "server responded with 500 code.

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