Elgg 5.0 has been released

After only one release candidate (and one beta) we deemed Elgg 5.0 to be stable. Now everybody can use this on their production website.

With the release of Elgg 5.0 also come some changes to the support of older versions. Elgg 4.3 is now the LTS release and Elgg 3.3 has reached it's End-of-Life. This is according to our support policy.

You can find the Elgg 5.0 release in the download section.

For an overview of the major changes please read the beta release blog. If you're a developer please read the migration documentation.

We'd like to thank everybody who helped in the process of this release. If you wish to contribute you can have a look at our GitHub issues or have a look at the translations on Transifex.

Release notes:


  • Jerôme Bakker (10)
  • Jeroen Dalsem (4)


  • ckeditor: confirm page navigation on unsaved editor changes (789c27b0)

Bug Fixes

  • ckeditor:
    • use pixels instead of percentages when resizing images (4bd4e629)
    • image upload progress and icon are beter visible (7c44af72)
  • cropper: fixed issue when the cropper is on a hidden tab (7b7dcfae)
  • plugins: correct layout when a plugin can't be (de)activated (35a36232)
  • views: validate elgg_list_entities getter return type (b349f367)

Breaking Changes

  • core: metadata value no longer magically turns into an array (b0f4695f)

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