Elgg 4.2.1 has been released

A new version for Elgg 4.2 is now available in the download section.

Release notes:


  • Jeroen Dalsem (17)
  • Jerôme Bakker (4)


  • entities: added info about singular sort_by options (0340ecea)

Bug Fixes

  • bookmarks: always detect document title for bookmarks link (6b8e7cb3)
  • ckeditor: replaced deprecated get_current_language js function (036c532d)
  • db: ignore unsupported sort_by property types instead of crashing (9eb1e3ba)
  • forms: do not draw container_guid subtext if empty (127352ee)
  • groups:
    • enable cropper on group profile icon (a0a61cf8)
    • replaced deprecated sort options in owner transfer (5b787372)
  • icons: only generate webp urls if server supports it (fbf76c11)
  • js: unable to check for logged in user in javascript (72d89a96)
  • menus: make sure title-menu-toggle is always available (f81a21e6)
  • navigation: user hover menu was missing the admin toggle (06433212)
  • pages:
    • allow saving with an empty description (3001a307)
    • check field config for all required fields on save (7f72d186)
  • search: allow passing sort_by through query params (4104a828)
  • site_notifications: prevent possible deadloops with seeded entities (8ea5e3ce)