Elgg 4.2.0 stable released

After only one release candidate we deemed Elgg 4.2 to be stable. Now everybody can use this on their production website.

For an overview of the major changes please read the release candidate blog. If you're a developer please read the migration documentation.

The release notes for 4.2.0 are:


  • Jerôme Bakker (16)


  • batch: retain query cache during ElggBatch (8dcebb26)

Bug Fixes

  • composer: postinstall script correctly creates /mod folder (f2568298)
  • likes: use correct values to check likeable capability (74b43e15)
  • session: make sure to cache the logged in user in the entity cache (9145183a)
  • stats: correctly show the number of unvalidated users (cae13aa1)