Elgg 3.3.21 and 4.0.0-beta.3 released

A new version for Elgg 3.3 & 4.0 is now available in the download section.

Release notes for Elgg 3.3.21


  • Jeroen Dalsem (1)

Bug Fixes

  • http: always disable cache if cookie is being set (30c17f06)

Release notes for Elgg 4.0.0-beta.3


  • Jeroen Dalsem (20)
  • Jerôme Bakker (17)


  • friends: added friends_of widget (05fea8a0)
  • i18n: added a config flag to disable browser language detection (00b612dc)
  • notifications:
    • notification events are configurable (55c7c909)
    • subscribers to owner will receive notifications (2b0f2bb2)
    • setting to delay notification queue processing (7942f7e0)
  • pagination: js loaded listdata triggers a change event (aa478518)
  • views: allow custom title to be passed to output/friendlytime (4c88d2d3)

Bug Fixes

  • admin: drag/drop plugin ordering has been fixed (7b5fe7df)
  • email: added mute link to html email footer (85268538)
  • groups: make sure retrieving group tool option always uses hook (1e9ae2b6)
  • install:
    • make sure user is logged in during installer (b6248ec7)
    • allow some vendor files to be included (3f857850)
  • likes: correctly toggle count badge (fa2be687)
  • metadata: elgg_get_tags uses correct default for tag_names (4e8d5326)
  • phinx: correctly check for indexes by name during upgrades (22ccaea9)
  • plugins: position and required state of plugins are now asserted (948927a3)
  • site_notifications: moved buttonbank to top of the list (c158e810)
  • tags: always have tags css available (3f9b5a63)
  • upgrades: improved completion reporting (863e2627)
  • views: prevent incidental incorrect id generation (c2d77bd1)
  • webservices: register correct PAM handlers for API authentication (51ebcabb)
  • widgets: only update title on non empty href string (7b147a61)

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