Elgg 3.2 released

Today, right on schedule, it is time for a new feature release for Elgg. You can get the Elgg 3.2 release in the download section.

During the development of this feature we focused a lot on cleaning up the older tickets on Github. Also improving code quality was a major point of interest in the last three months. This release contains the following noteworthy changes.

For users:

  • Group membership management has been improved

For site administrators:

  • You can set up manual approval of newly created accounts
  • The friends plugin can be configured so friend relationships are reciprocal and need to be approved by the other user
  • Password requirements can be configured
  • Application tokens can be managed in the webservices plugin

For developers:

  • API functions have been added for listings of relationships
  • Introduced pageowner can edit gatekeeper middleware to be used in routes



  • Jerôme Bakker (40)
  • Jeroen Dalsem (18)


  • admin: added a site setting to require admin approval of accounts (2882da61)
  • core:
    • added elgg_list_relationships (9b54398c)
    • added elgg_get_relationships function (21d3c697)
  • database: clauses support invokable classes (75653f24)
  • files: download urls can be configured to not expire (f61c5578)
  • friends: add plugin setting to enable the need for friend approval (25b87858)
  • groups:
    • added option to hide group owner tranfer (4a072e88)
    • allow groups to set default content access (9f701b77)
    • membership requests and invitations use relationship views (afff8d9f)
    • add invited users page for group owners (82310d78)
    • added membership requests tab to group members listing (019745f0)
    • add invite button on group members page (9e164221)
    • show user already a member/invited for the group (57d38cca)
    • member listing now uses elgg_list_relationship (783f22a6)
  • install: allow user to change language during installation (5f23eff1)
  • livesearch: added ability to set custom item_view (8c1df6e8)
  • middleware: added page owner can edit middleware (b81fc729)
  • redis: added the ability to set redis database and password (e0c9d953)
  • request: allow access to the http request (7e86f576)
  • security: allow password requirement to be configured (ccca6897)
  • system_log: allow logbrowser to filter on object id (de0e6171)
  • upgrades: track upgrade start time (f37d03bc)
  • webservices:


  • routing: added some extra middleware documentation (b1c123ca)

Bug Fixes

  • access: allow plugin to register write access array subtypes (6db1d505)
  • ckeditor: do no convert html entities in the editor (e977bf99)
  • core:
    • ElggRelationship int attributes are casted to ints (d3604557)
    • make accesscollection save and rename work like documented (c3acbb1a)
  • css: buttons in some menus keep correct styling (3eb49098)
  • embed: no longer require a plugin with file_uploading provided (3925c647)
  • js: deep merge the elgg.data (197bfb49)


  • river: no longer use the enabled property of river items (59ebfb3d)

Jeroen Dalsem

Owner of ColdTrick IT Solutions, developing social networking sites for the dutch market

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