Elgg 1.12.17 and 2.3.4 released

Bugfix release 1.12.17 and 2.3.4 are now available for download



  • Jerôme Bakker (17)
  • Ismayil Khayredinov (5)
  • Steve Clay (2)
  • jdalsem (2)


  • composer: explain how dependencies are managed in Elgg (f6b30d45)
  • icon: use correct functions for saving entity icon (2e1b6a47)
  • install: bootstrapping Elgg in Laravel Homestead (84399394)

Bug Fixes

  • composer: no longer use deprecated class (d5e8acbf)
  • core: correctly manipulate ini setting to return readable bytes (bc61a3b9)
  • developers: incorrect header title link in theme sandbox (583badbe)
  • email: improved formatting of email headers (cc590e6a)
  • entities: batch count now works when $options already count set to false (62ecabed, closes #10992)
  • groups:
    • group delete button no longer misaligned (4bdf92d9)
    • check for existence of custom icon before generating url (e6270945)
  • plugins:
    • only include plugin files once (49d4ce50)
    • issue error about saving array values at correct location (ef753ebf)
  • profile: now able to remove the first custom profile field (3d7258ec)
  • river: comments no longer show full text in river (e0669219)
  • simplecache: expires and symlinking cache works on nginx (fe220126, closes #9054)



  • Jerôme Bakker (3)
  • Brett Profitt (1)
  • Steve Clay (1)

Bug Fixes

  • likes: listing limit no longer breaks likes counts (abbe2715, closes #11160)

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