Elgg 2.3.0 released

Elgg 2.3.0 is now available as a stable release suitable for production environments.

Below is the list of fixes that were made to the release candidate. For a full list of changes and features since 2.2.x, please see ourearlier blog post about Elgg 2.3.0 Release Candidate

Our community site has already been updated to Elgg 2.3.0.


  • Ismayil Khayredinov (4)
  • Steve Clay (3)
  • Jerôme Bakker (2)
  • iionly (2)


  • core: Improve docs about creation of cache symlink (f984a051)

Bug Fixes

  • ajax: elgg/Ajax view() and form() set $vars as expected (abf8a9ce, closes #10667)
  • core: Check existence of cache symlink without usage of readlink() (3e4dc6a1)
  • entities: entity is now loaded from cache during save operations (009f74da, closes #10612)
  • files: mitigate issues with special chars in file names (4a7b74ea)
  • forms: fieldset with a legend no longer overrides the class (726cca18)
  • http: elgg/Ajax error responses with 200 status use Ajax wrapper (1cae50cf)
  • notifications: incorrect use statement no longer throws (2a6d782b)
  • web_services: handle string params with proper escaping (702ce46c)


My involvement with Elgg has come to an end. Please do not send me support requests.

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