Elgg 2.2.1 released

Elgg 2.2.1 is now available, with fixes to several issues.

Worth noting, the "Discussions" site menu item has been removed so that sites upgrading from previous minor versions do not end up with a new site menu item. The menu item can be easily added via admin if you need it.


  • Steve Clay (16)
  • iionly (5)
  • Ismayil Khayredinov (2)
  • Wouter van Os (1)


  • license: clarifies dual licensing in LICENSE.txt (1db4994f)
  • support: updates support policy and tentative release schedule (71aab2c6)

Bug Fixes

  • access: updates no longer mistakenly blocked in some scenarios (01f4f1df)
  • boot:
    • boot cache now respects system cache setting (f90b1eb1)
    • make sure boot cache updated when subtype data changes (c80f6e64)
  • core: boot no longer throws DB exception in some edge cases (c7c44763, closes #10119)
  • discussions: removes site “Discussions” menu item added in 2.2.0 (34678299, closes #9731)
  • js:
    • output deprecation messages to admins in browser console only (a8052f9c)
    • popup no longer reopens after a second click on the trigger (6dc8012b, closes #10063)
  • likes: don’t emit notice if a listing’s $vars['list_class'] isn’t set (f2882158)
  • members: Don’t rely on newest members tab set as default tab in pagehandler for members page (a78aa354)
  • pages: operations keep track of more than 10 child pages (bc5f414b)
  • plugins: Make activate/deactivate all plugins to work also on Firefox (915865b9)
  • reportedcontent: Reported Content admin widget works again (739259fc, closes #10151)
  • river: ensure unique comment form id (80e508ae)
  • ui: hover menus no longer open outside viewport (edd3740a, closes #10214)
  • views:
    • input/select view can select options more reliably (af103c7e, closes #10154)
    • some functions that use views fallback to default viewtype (5a58317e, closes #10114)
  • web_services: create_api_user() and create_user_token() work again (1ee8fe96)

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