Elgg 2.1.0 released

Note! Due to a major bug, this release can only be used for upgrades. 2.1.1 has a working installer.


Hey, look! Elgg 2.1.0 is out. The highlights are some performance improvements, some accessibility improvements in forms, and a new Ajax API for developers.


  • Steve Clay (40)
  • Ismayil Khayredinov (25)
  • Juho Jaakkola (10)
  • Jeroen Dalsem (2)
  • Hereward Mills (1)
  • Wade Benson (1)
  • Wouter van Os (1)


  • actions: adds a generic delete action (4c35fe26)
  • ajax:
    • improves the elgg/Ajax API and adds docs (4211155e, closes #9404)
    • Adds a new elgg/Ajax AMD module with unified API (2a132ae8, closes #8323)
  • cron: allows for a more systematic way of calling cron using one url (3c947fc1)
  • discussions: makes "last reply" text into a link (9c1d543a)
  • engine:
    • use elgg_log prior to error_log in custom error handler (6b483b08)
    • also log to php error_log when log is shown on screen (9f630e58)
  • entities: give access to original values of modified attributes (56ddabbc, closes #9187)
  • files: adds a service for serving files from filestore (1d6b23c7)
  • forms:
    • moves datepicker init to AMD and improves dev usability (15c2686b)
    • elgg_view_input() can now be used to render hidden inputs (8d996cd1)
    • allow custom required indicators for field labels (f29fbb6f)
    • adds elgg_view_input() to the views api (70b35bd7, closes #6356)
  • groups: profile buttons can now be filtered with a hook (52e82943)
  • js:
    • elgg.ui.toggle now triggers jQuery event (941b49ad)
    • adds plugin boot modules and modules based on system events (924355a7, closes #7131#7926)
    • Allow canceling a previous elgg_require_js() call (375be5ff, closes #9074)
  • menus: delete menu item now checks if delete action exists (84cbb151)
  • metastrings: add function to get map of strings to metastring IDs (8d28a8dd)
  • notifications: it's now easier to alter translations for notifications (4677d482)
  • profiler: allow capture/display of crude profiling data (6ce01fad, closes #9293)
  • routing: allow more reliable URL path rewriting (853fc0ef, closes #9388)
  • rss: adds functions for adding/removing the RSS link (ae765e19)
  • search: search hooks now preserve custom joins and wheres (65041619)
  • views: add attributes to input select options (63b04d6a)


  • boot: we order plugins in PHP because MySQL order by CAST is slow (c4b10c1c, closes #8183)
  • files: ElggFile no longer queries metadata for filestore data (d9243002, closes #9138)
  • http: serve-file URLs can respond without booting core (4f587df0)


  • js: modernizes the JS docs to emphasize AMD usage (d66cae64)

Bug Fixes

  • actions: referrer path is now parsed correctly (6b1bfe26)
  • ajax: iframe-based submissions can again be recognized as XHR requests (c25962a0, closes #8735)
  • files: files with custom filestore can now be served via file service (1a2b0ca7)
  • forms:
    • remove extra spacing between longtext field label and menu (23edb5ad)
    • elgg_view_input() now passes input type to the field view (63013725)
  • i18n: admin-created accounts now get site language instead of admin's language (561bad37, closes #9454)
  • js:
    • don't show ajax error message when aborting request (5aea301f, closes #9372)
    • client-side hooks can now handle periods in hook names (9f70099f, closes #9160)
  • menus: delete menu item is only registered if canDelete is fullfilled (e13ba511)
  • permissions: All permissions functions handle user fetches consistently (b875fd33, closes #8941#8038#8945)
  • river: opening comment form auto-focuses input (5b68badc)
  • search:
    • search hooks no longer reset subtypes (5d6987ce)
    • hooks no longer reset order_by clauses (b15b9e94)


  • assets: Deprecates URLs like /js/ and /css/ in favor of simplecache (91daac90)
  • config: deprecates config value "siteemail" (cdd4bb5f)
  • entity: removes the tables_split and tables_loaded properties (4d469183)
  • filestore: deprecates giving files custom filestores (0050b1db, closes #9352)
  • rss: deprecates using global $autofeed (ae765e1)

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