Elgg 2.0.0 is released!

We’re proud to announce Elgg 2.0 is now available!

For end users, 2.0 fixes several bugs and adds some small improvements.

For site owners, 2.0 includes numerous performance improvements, allows most static resources to be served without the overhead of PHP, and cleans up the plugin management page.

For plugin developers, 2.0 eases working with views, referencing static assets, and replacing the logic of individual pages. It also makes Elgg installable as a composer dependency (allowing a site-specific start.php and views directory). A thorough guide of changes that may affect you is available.

See the changelog below for more details. While there are some major changes under the hood (including the removal of a lot of old APIs), it’s far from a radical departure. Many plugins properly updated for later 1.x releases will continue to work on 2.0.

It’s our hope that 2.0 paves way toward a new focus on end user experience. We think the API improvements--along with what’s coming in 2.1--will make these big challenges easier to take on.

Many people helped to make Elgg 2.0 a reality. Developers are listed in the changelogs, but the bug reporting and feedback we received from many others was essential. We released eight preview releases over 5 months and got useful feedback all along. Thank you!

(See the Changelog for Elgg 2.0.0 here)

Upgrading? Don't forget! Upgrade to each 1.x minor release first. From 1.12 you can upgrade to 2.0.

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