Elgg 2.0.0 Release Candidate 2 released

Elgg 2.0.0-rc.2 is now available for download (thanks to Juho). This pre-release is meant for early testers and plugin developers. Please do not use it in production.

Plugin developers should note that there are some breaking changes in this release.


  • Steve Clay (10)
  • Ismayil Khayredinov (4)
  • Juho Jaakkola (4)


  • river: no longer needlessly render river responses (97df230f, closes #9046)

Bug Fixes

  • files: make sure method is callable on a concrete object instance (740d3108, closes #9010)
  • i18n: avoids using mbstring.internal_encoding in PHP >= 5.6 (c0ff79de, closes #9031)
  • likes: count is updated after liking/unliking (dae30cb7, closes #9100)
  • memcache: don't store a copy of $CONFIG in file objects (beb90891, closes #9081)
  • pages: removes deprecated notices regarding input/write_access (fdcab74b, closes #8327)
  • river: floated river selector no longer breaks layout (2745c914, closes #9091)

Breaking Changes

  • The report content icon is now a FontAwesome icon, however the GIF used in 1.x is still available. (96d258fa)
  • Plugins that override the input/autocomplete view will need to include the source URL in the data-source attribute of the input element, require the new elgg/autocomplete AMD module, and call its init method. The 1.x javascript library elgg.autocomplete is no longer used. (2a0cf9a5)

Steve Clay

Core Elgg team member, developer for University of Florida College of Education

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