Elgg 2.0.0-beta.1 released

Elgg 2.0.0-beta.1 is now available for download. This pre-release is meant for early testers and plugin developers. Please do not use it in production.

The release doesn't introduce any remarkable changes compared the previous alpha.3 version. There are mainly just some internal tweaks.

One thing to note however is that this is the first Elgg 2 release that uses the translations made through the new elgg-core-2 translations project in the Transifex localization platfom. If some of the contents within the release have not yet been translated to your own language, this is the time to sign into Transifex and start working on the translations.

  • As far as I remember changing Language in previous Elgg versions was very simple. For example If I wanted Unicode Assamese, I had to open a Language file or something similar, and just replace "a" with "b". Done.

    How is the procedure now? Any step-by-step tutorial?
    One more thing, Elgg stuffs now spread over so many sites like Github, Transifex etc. I wish this was just centralized under Elgg org  [ just as github is under github only]. This is a wish and nothing necessary though.


  • @aldebaran_vlc Sounds like a false positive. Did the virus scanner give any information on where exactly it thinks the malware is located?

    @kanha I think it might be best to open a separate discussion in the forums for both questions.

  • Is there a precompiled version of Elgg 2.x ready to download and install? Because I would like to help in testing and searching for bugs in a testinstall of Elgg 2.x - but I can not use composer (I have a server with root access, CentOS, but had always problems with composer....)

  • Sorry, there aren't yet any zip packages available of Elgg 2.x. I recommend you ask for help with the composer issues in the Elgg Technical Support group.

  • Will that be the same for the release of stable Elgg 2.x -> installable with composer only forever?

  • No. We will release also zip packages as usual.

  • Ah perfect, thank you! My problem with composer is always, that it says "the install order is not empty" ... and I dont understand that, because it ist. Never mind ... maybe some day composer will work here, until then I wait for the precompiled packages :)

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