Elgg 1.12.3 released

Elgg 1.12.3 is available for download: https://elgg.org/download.php


  • Ismayil Khayredinov (3)
  • Juho Jaakkola (1)

Bug Fixes

  • files:
    • $file is not always an object with originalfilename property (cf0929c2)
    • now uses filename on filestore to detect mime (ab8086a6, closes #8846)
  • i got a fatal error from https://github.com/Elgg/Elgg/blob/1.12/mod/embed/languages/it.php#L6

    Since i don't need this file on my sites i removed it, but still

  • You got the error in 1.12? I already fixed the translation for Elgg 2, but I didn't found the mistake from 1.x.

  • Perhaps someone else fixed it in Transifex for 1.x before I went to check it.

  • First of all, thanks a lot for the new version to all people who worked on it.

    I hit the same problem. I renamed the file and proceeded without it.

    "I think" it gave the error for line 7.  I am not a PHP developer, but is it that slash on line 6 which creates an unintended escape character or so?


    2 return array(
    3   'embed:embed' => 'Inietta',
    4  'embed:media' => 'Inietta contenuto',
    5   'embed:instructions' => 'Clicca su qualsiasi file per incorporarlo nel tuo contenuto',
    6   'embed:upload' => 'Carica media\',
    7   'embed:upload_type' => 'Tipo di caricamento:',

    9   // messages
    10    'embed:no_upload_content' => 'Nessun contenuto da caricare!',
    11    'embed:no_section_content' => 'Nessun elemento trovato',

    12    'embed:no_sections' => 'Non abbiamo trovato alcun plugin supportato per l\'incorporamento. Chiedi all\'amministratore del sito di abilitare un plugin che supporti l\'incorporamento.',



  • Yeah that slash is a problem on line 6

  • So should we upgrade and remove the Italian language file?

  • If you want to upgrade immediately you can either remove the file if you don't need italian, or remove that slash.

  • Hi guys, thanks for the updates.

    I thought I could have been the cause for that mistake but my translations have not that slash.

    So either I made a Typo directly in Transifex or some download/upload issue.

    Actually I just found out that, even if my translation do not contain any " \ " , Translation Editor by Coldtrick adds them for some reason, maybe when typing " ' " which are quite needed in italian language.

    For example in the same Embed translation file I have no \ but if I download the it.php file from Translation Editor's options on line 15 I get:

     'embed:no_sections' => 'Non è stato trovato alcuno strumento per inserire elementi. Chiedi all\'amministratore di attivarne uno.',

    I hope no other files uploaded to Transifex will bother you guys but here I see some download/upload errors may have arisen.

    Are there any other characters which could harm installation or use of Elgg? I actually now can not switch to italian language anymore since few days ago in my current installation so I guess something related to bad translations of recently installed plugins happened (I'm still on 1.9.8 though working until few days ago).

  • @Michele It's a bug in Transifex. We need to handle it on our end.

  • Ah ok thanks Steve... I was so sad because my first official contribution caused issues :S

    Happier now :)

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