Elgg.org merged with Community, upgraded to Elgg 2.0.0-dev

Disclaimer: Please don't try to use Elgg 2.0 on a production site yet. It is still alpha software. Elgg.org is special because it is run by the same team that maintains the Elgg codebase. We are using elgg.org as a testing ground to really iron out remaining bugs before giving our stamp of approval on 2.0.

We aim to ship high-quality software, and one of the ways we do that is by "dogfooding" -- using the product that we'll give to others -- in order to align incentives to catch bugs and improve user experience. However, for the longest time, the main face of Elgg on the web -- elgg.org -- was not running Elgg at all! That ends today.

Elgg.org now runs fully on Elgg 2.0.

The consolidation of elgg.org and community.elgg.org has been a long time coming. Historically we've invested a lot of work into integrating between separate sites: elgg.org, blog.elgg.org, community.elgg.org. At some point we just figured, "Why not run all of them off a single installation of Elgg?" This helps us trim down overhead so we can focus on shipping features rather than maintaining glue between websites.

I'm pumped that it's finally a reality. Having only a single site to manage based on Elgg 2.0 will allow us to better focus our efforts on Elgg development and provide a better support experience for users. And of course, running elgg.org on Elgg 2.0 means users get all the benefits of a 2.0-based site, like ridiculously faster load times over flaky connections.

We expect there will be bugs. Please do report any you find to the Feedback and Planning group, or the elgg.org repo on Github. Thanks for using Elgg!

Evan Winslow

Software Engineer at Google. Elgg enthusiast. I wrote the Javascript and CSS frameworks for 1.8.

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