Elgg Blog: Elgg 1.10.2 released

Elgg 1.10.2 has been released and is ready for download.

As always, thank you to our contributors.  If you find any issues please make sure to report them at our github issue tracker.


  • Jeroen Dalsem (16)
  • Steve Clay (6)
  • Evan Winslow (2)
  • Jerôme Bakker (2)
  • Ismayil Khayredinov (1)
  • Juho Jaakkola (1)


  • stats: more efficient get_entity_statistics() (f5ac3602)


  • install: Move environment-specific instructions to their own pages (1b750298, closes #7834)

Bug Fixes

  • datepicker: Prevents month navigation links from overlapping with other elements (fb1596da, closes #7542)
  • groups: also delete original icon when deleting group (b8d1612e)
  • js:
    • correctly init datepicker when ajax loaded (aecc0047)
    • fixes aalborg site menu by restoring 1.9 toggle behavior (8ece7dd8, closes #7790)
    • catch global ajax errors and report to the user (dd52baeb)
  • likes:
    • only allow likes to be deleted by owner (b47f0166)
    • correctly register like button for ajax action (d56b239d)
  • messages: forward to inbox after deleting a message (015baf62)
  • metadata: metadata values returned in more reliable order (36517715, closes #5603)
  • plugins: pages with no annotation no longer cause fatal errors (ffdb908d, closes #7793)
  • profile: consider potential split db in profile icondirect (bd8f3aed)
  • search:
    • prevent search form submit if empty query (becd5ba2)
    • correctly split search words on multiple spaces (2bde4af1)
    • only query user metadata if there are profile fields (6cdafa10)
  • ui: using site menu too early no longer results in 404 page (b11acee5, closes #7861)
  • views:
    • use named keys when registering meta tags and links in head (2cbaa770)
    • improved check on non existing array keys (bfc65a68)
    • adds excerpt to comments and discussions in activity context (4e09115a)
    • deprecated notice no longer shows up in the wrong version (3fcbee3f)
    • use correct page offset for divisors that have a modulo (cdc85dca)

Paweł Sroka

Former Core Elgg team member, freelance developer.

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