Elgg Blog: Elgg 1.10.0 and 1.9.8 released

Elgg 1.10.0 and 1.9.8 are now available for download. Since the release of 1.9 we've increased our focus on backward compatibility even further in hopes that 1.10 will be the smoothest minor upgrade yet. Provided your environment runs PHP 5.4+, sites and plugins already upgraded for 1.9 should work in 1.10 without modification. Site Upgrade Guide | Plugin Upgrade Guide

If you maintain Elgg 1.8 sites, note that 1.8 will no longer receive non-critical bugfixes, but will still receive security fixes until September 2015 (see our support policies).

Release Notes for Elgg 1.10


  • Evan Winslow (66)
  • Steve Clay (33)
  • Jeroen Dalsem (24)
  • Paweł Sroka (19)
  • Per Jensen (13)
  • Jerôme Bakker (9)
  • Ismayil Khayredinov (5)
  • Matt Beckett (3)
  • Juho Jaakkola (2)
  • Jeff Tilson (1)
  • Bruno (1)
  • Satheesh PM (1)
  • Sem (1)
  • Arsalan Shah (1)

Prominent Features

  • settings: adds setting for default number of items per page (d1d0a4e1, closes #2650)
  • usersettings: every user setting has its own menu item (6c1631d1)
  • groups: adds featured groups as a tab along with groups, popular, discussions (f77356e3)
  • file: display file upload limit on file upload form (09001b9d)
  • messages: improved UI for messages listing (46821a62)
  • aalborg_theme: more attractive comments listings (b2d55926)
  • views: output readable access level for any access_id (c9c2e12c, closes #7133)
  • developers: inspect menu item now has children for faster access (314616d1)
  • discussion: also search in discussion replies when searching discussion topics (604697f3)
  • several performance features (see below)

Other Features

  • aalborg_theme:
    • adds support for alert messages (2e410f71)
    • adds visual difference between submit and action buttons (691470e6, closes #6929)
    • adds support for .elgg-button-special and button sizes (2ca0dedd, closes #2954)
  • admin: Use elgg_view_menu to generate admin header (411a9f39)
  • cache: allows using ints as keys in Cache\Pool (c36ec89d)
  • core:
    • support for querying based on relationship create time (db27abbd)
    • adds edit avatar to admin section of user hover menu (a003d840)
  • discussion: Added some extension points at discussion sidebars. These changes allow 3rd party plugins to extend discussion sidebar, and add there features like a subscribe (db46100a)
  • filestore:
    • add elgg_get_file_simple_type() to core api (69e54e4c)
    • add a hook to fix detected mimetype (4ddc7843)
  • js: extended the usability of rel="toggle" (1d89418e)
  • php: Require PHP 5.4+ (42b76d37, closes #7090)
  • plugins: added default param to elgg_get_plugin_user_setting (13000c98)
  • river: all users have permission to see everyone's activity page (f15e7ff8)
  • router: add original params to route hook (1b1026c3)
  • security: No longer ship with vendors that have security advisories (b193ebcf, closes #7738)
  • site_notifications: option to mass delete site notifications … (c28eaac7)
  • test: Added rewrite rules for builtin PHP cli server execution (a0ff98e2)
  • users: Username character blacklist can now be altered via plugin hook (7dc63eb2, closes #6189)
  • views:
    • output/tag supports all output/url options (d0c9c855)
    • allows rendering empty results using an anonymous function (a8f15ffa)
  • webapp: add support for a basic WebApp Manifest file (27c9ef4a, closes #7493)


  • nginx: added sample nginx configuration and moved sample configs to install/config/ (dbcd7548)
  • requirements: updated PHP version used in docs as requirement to 5.4 (5f4f8eea)
  • requirements: document new rolling support policy for browsers (9ce72099, closes #5932)

Bug Fixes

  • amd: Added coverage tests and fixed minor bugs. (6250fd76)
  • blog: adds missing class to preview button (be3b559b, closes #7706)
  • http: send a minimal 404 header for /favicon.ico requests (b8c8a280, closes #7261)
  • settings: It's again possible to set user specific setting for a plugin (80e0c904)
  • ckeditor: ckeditor now prevents image drag/drop/paste in editor (47fecbea)
  • config: path is derived from PHP, not database (b756cbb4)
  • css:
    • adds margin between a file's text and image (261e92b4, closes #7712)
    • strings together elgg-button and button sizes (3cbe5877)
    • removes link color from "comments" header in river, default theme (f140ffb9, closes #7137)
    • removes padding and margin from elgg-menu-entity items (e732645b)
  • db: elgg_get_metastring_id should always create an id (423f1f6d)
  • deprecation: deprecation warnings for 1.10 now work as expected (3d8ada59)
  • entities: system files removed for all entities on delete (800d1f36, closes #7130)
  • forms: login and account forms widened and centered by default (5fc81511, closes #6456)
  • groups:
    • replaced deprecated entity loading with new method (a8f73627)
    • adds wrapper to the message, This discussion is closed (a336db85)
  • pages: add canEdit to page deletion permission check (454deb63)
  • river: rss layout supports multiple installations in the same host (2e7262b4)
  • search: respect entity type/subtype instead of params type/subtype (758263a3)
  • session: correctly sets cookie params for sessions (565dd08c)
  • upgrade: no longer try to process upgrade files from before installation version (15c6f109)
  • views:
    • allows passing base_url through gallery view (fb32d683, closes #7669)
    • show different text on widget panel toggle button when opened (b4e63b45)
    • elgg_view_menu_item shows no link for items with null href (a64432cf)
    • move function and menu items out of file typecloud view (e28bcd9e)
    • makes admin panel mobile friendly (a8d9eeca, closes #6742)


  • annotations: increased performance of egef_annotations (96e6bd37, closes #6638)
  • db: disabled SQL DISTINCT in more cases. (98a99c83)
  • entities: preloads owners when drawing lists of entities/likes (82088d5e, closes #5949)
  • likes: reduces number of queries when showing likes in lists (90991256, closes #6941)
  • session: speed up elgg_is_admin_user() (aed21337)
  • sql: allows removing DISTINCT from some MySQL queries (293317f2, closes #4594)
  • views: remove unneeded view calls in river/elements/body view (4ef23b61)


  • access: deprecates elgg_get_access_object() and refactors access lib (d19cf2bf)
  • filestore: deprecate file_get_simple_type() and file_get_general_file_type() (c6042cbe)
  • plugins: formally deprecates use of $CONFIG in start.php (ee8f2edc)
  • view: deprecate output/confirmlink for consolidated output/url with 'confirm' option (6e5e3910, closes #5810)
  • views: deprecates use of the core/settings/tools view (239b730f)

Breaking Changes

  • The CSSMin class included via minify was renamed to CSSmin. If you were referring to it with capital M, you'll have to change that to lower-case m.

However, note that Elgg's dependencies are not considered public API, so this notice is only a courtesy. Please explicitly declare your dependencies on third party vendors, even ones that you know Elgg already includes. We may remove or update them at any time. (c3b0d8bc)

  • If you are checking out Elgg directly from GitHub, you will need to run composer install after git checkout to get your installation to a working state. (2e60327f)

Release Notes for Elgg 1.9.8


  • Juho Jaakkola (1)
  • Matt Beckett (1)
  • Steve Clay (1)
  • iionly (1)

Bug Fixes

  • css: Correct z-index for autocomplete form field when opened in lightbox (e993141f)
  • notifications: subject of comment notification email always starts with "Re: " (b5175b56, closes #7743)
  • profile: admin defined profile fields are once again back-compatible (8e577be4, closes #7634)

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