Elgg Blog: Elgg 1.10.0-rc.1 released

Elgg 1.10.0-rc.1 has been released and is available for testing and feedback.  This is the first release candidate for the upcoming 1.10 stable branch.  As a release candidate it is not yet considered officially stable so please be cautious using it directly in a production environment.  As always please report bugs/issues to our issue tracker at github.

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to this release.

1.10.0-rc.1 (2014-12-15)


  • Evan Winslow (64)
  • Steve Clay (30)
  • Jeroen Dalsem (24)
  • Per Jensen (10)
  • Jerôme Bakker (9)
  • Paweł Sroka (7)
  • Ismayil Khayredinov (5)
  • Matt Beckett (3)
  • Juho Jaakkola (1)
  • Jeff Tilson (1)
  • Bruno (1)
  • Satheesh PM (1)
  • Sem (1)


  • aalborg_theme:
    • adds support for alert messages (2e410f71)
    • adds visual difference between submit and action buttons (691470e6, closes #6929)
    • comments use triangle indicator instead of text label (b2d55926)
    • adds support for .elgg-button-special and button sizes (2ca0dedd, closes #2954)
  • admin: Use elgg_view_menu to generate admin header (411a9f39)
  • cache: allows using ints as keys in Cache\Pool (c36ec89d)
  • core:
    • support for querying based on relationship create time (db27abbd)
    • adds edit avatar to admin section of user hover menu (a003d840)
  • developers: inspect menu item now has children for faster access (314616d1)
  • discussion: Added some extension points at discussion sidebars. These changes allow 3rd party plugins to extend discussion sidebar, and add there features like a subscribe (db46100a)
  • file: display file upload limit on file upload form (09001b9d)
  • filestore:
    • add elgg_get_file_simple_type() to core api (69e54e4c)
    • add a hook to fix detected mimetype (4ddc7843)
  • groups: Added featured groups as a tab along with groups, popular, discussions (f77356e3)
  • js: extended the usability of rel="toggle" (1d89418e)
  • messages: improved UI for messages listing (46821a62)
  • php: Require PHP 5.4+ (42b76d37, closes #7090)
  • plugins: added default param to elgg_get_plugin_user_setting (13000c98)
  • requirements: PHP 5.3.3+ is now required (3a555512, closes #6165)
  • router: add original params to route hook (1b1026c3)
  • settings: adds setting for default number of items per page (d1d0a4e1, closes #2650)
  • site_notifications: option to mass delete site notifications … (c28eaac7)
  • users: Username character blacklist can now be altered via plugin hook (7dc63eb2, closes #6189)
  • usersettings: every user setting has its own menu item (6c1631d1)
  • views:
    • output/tag supports all output/url options (d0c9c855)
    • allows rendering empty results using an anonymous function (a8f15ffa)
    • output readable access level for any access_id (c9c2e12c, closes #7133)
  • webapp: Add support for a basic WebApp Manifest file (27c9ef4a, closes #7493)


  • annotations: increased performance of egef_annotations (96e6bd37, closes #6638)
  • db: Disabled SQL DISTINCT in more cases. (98a99c83)
  • entities: preloads owners when drawing lists of entities/likes (82088d5e, closes #5949)
  • likes: reduces number of queries when showing likes in lists (90991256, closes #6941)
  • session: speed up elgg_is_admin_user() (aed21337)
  • sql: allows removing DISTINCT from some MySQL queries (293317f2, closes #4594)
  • views: remove unneeded view calls in river/elements/body view (4ef23b61)


  • requirements: Document new rolling support policy for browsers (9ce72099, closes #5932)

Bug Fixes

  • ckeditor: ckeditor now prevents image drag/drop/paste in editor (47fecbea)
  • config: path is derived from PHP, not database (b756cbb4)
  • css:
    • strings together elgg-button and button sizes (3cbe5877)
    • removes link color from "comments" header in river, default theme (f140ffb9, closes #7137)
    • removes padding and margin from elgg-menu-entity items (e732645b)
  • db: elgg_get_metastring_id should always create an id (423f1f6d)
  • deprecation: deprecation warnings for 1.10 now work as expected (3d8ada59)
  • discussion: also search in discussion replies when searching discussion topics (604697f3)
  • entities: system files removed for all entities on delete (800d1f36, closes #7130)
  • forms: Login and account forms widened and centered by default (5fc81511, closes #6456)
  • groups:
    • replaced deprecated entity loading with new method (a8f73627)
    • adds wrapper to the message, This discussion is closed (a336db85)
  • pages: add canEdit to page deletion permission check (454deb63)
  • river:
    • allow everyone to look at everyones activity page (f15e7ff8)
    • rss layout supports mulitple installations in the same host (2e7262b4)
  • search: respect entity type/subtype instead of params type/subtype (758263a3)
  • session: correctly sets cookie params for sessions (565dd08c)
  • upgrade: no longer try to process upgrade files from before installation version (15c6f109)
  • views:
    • allows passing base_url through gallery view (fb32d683, closes #7669)
    • show different text on widgetpanel toggle button when opened (b4e63b45)
    • elgg_view_menu_item shows no link for items with null href (a64432cf)
    • move function and menu items out of file typecloud view (e28bcd9e)
    • makes admin panel mobile friendly (a8d9eeca, closes #6742)


  • access: deprecates elgg_get_access_object() and refactors access lib (d19cf2bf)
  • filestore: deprecate file_get_simple_type() and file_get_general_file_type() (c6042cbe)
  • plugins: formally deprecates use of $CONFIG in start.php (ee8f2edc)
  • view: deprecate output/confirmlink for consolidated output/url with 'confirm' option (6e5e3910, closes #5810)
  • views: deprecates use of the core/settings/tools view (239b730f)

Breaking Changes

  • The CSSMin class included via minify was renamed to CSSmin. If you were referring to it with capital M, you'll have to change that to lower-case m.

However, note that Elgg's dependencies are not considered public API, so this notice is only a courtesy. Please explicitly declare your dependencies on third party vendors, even ones that you know Elgg already includes. We may remove or update them at any time. (c3b0d8bc)

  • If you are checking out Elgg directly from GitHub, you will need to run composer install after git checkout to get your installation to a working state. (2e60327f)

Matt Beckett

I'm a self-employed web developer, family man, nerd, scuba diver. Manager/maintainer of this elgg community site, and core Elgg development team member.