Elgg Blog: Elgg 1.9.5 released

Elgg 1.9.5 has been released.


  • Jeroen Dalsem (18)
  • Brett Profitt (7)
  • Steve Clay (7)
  • Evan Winslow (3)
  • Ismayil Khayredinov (3)
  • Juho Jaakkola (3)
  • Per Jensen (3)
  • Jerôme Bakker (2)
  • Paweł Sroka (2)
  • Stian Liknes (2)
  • Diego Andrés Ramírez Aragón (1)
  • Matt Beckett (1)
  • iionly (1)


  • db: correctly re-enable query cache after ElggBatch run (a8c3fbd9)
  • river: only fetch comments if comment_count > 0 (db64e16d)


  • actions: Migrated actions section from old Getting Started docs and cleaned up related sections. (d47a980f)
  • admin: Migrated Getting Started guide from wiki. (11e589f6)
  • all:
  • coding: improves docs for commits/amending/standards (e8166d78)
  • database: updated and expanded information on entity icons (7bb60185)
  • events: Updated event list and cleaned up existing event docs. (433ed90c)
  • faqs: Started migrating some FAQs. (cd3afdcc)
  • hook: Updated hooks docs. (327ecb48)
  • menus: improve docs for menu item factory (61751db6)
  • notifications: documentation for the notifications system (ac12ac99, closes #7308)
  • style: documents trailing whitespace policy and script (798810c7)

Bug Fixes

  • aalborg: More robust grid reflows for smaller screens (8d8155e7, closes #7393)
  • access: always display readable access level for ACCESS_* constants (a74421f9, closes #6801)
  • core:
    • renaming to _elgg_namespace_plugin_private_setting forgotten in unsetAllSettings (782b75f2)
    • prevent sql exception when metastring is interpreted as very large number in egef_metadata (bab43d60, closes #7009)
  • css: markdown code blocks should not should nested borders (8c736c2f)
  • friends: show friends collections menu item in friend context (5073deeb)
  • i18n:
    • Commit docs/*.mo files on release so docs can be translated (8ca2b6b6, closes #7034)
    • improved removing profile field delete failure notice (a6f561e2)
    • grammar fix in upgrade warning (f5d4d35f)
  • login: also allow login by email in maintenance mode (4258bc3d)
  • menu: only show access entity menu item if logged in (714b0834)
  • menus: allow max depth of 20 to prevent losing menu items (d3e33db3)
  • pagination: removes hard-coded arrows from php file (eb136ef1, closes #5298)
  • plugins: trigger plugin hooks when saving plugin settings (5afadfc8, closes #6820)
  • relationships: distinct ege* results when relationship_guid is not set (4d87b950, closes #5775)
  • release: Corrected release script Windows system compatibility. (00012389)
  • upgrade:
    • Rechecks that all annotation comments have been migrated to entities (7d81094c, closes #7486)
    • Ensure that $CONFIG is always available to upgrade scripts (c102a713, closes #7457)
  • uservalidationbyemail: makes emailsent page public (70bbdd65, closes #7334)
  • views:
    • comma separating links to text files in plugin list (4e9b8ad1, closes #7420)
    • usersettings form now has correct userguid set (2c204200)
    • use elgg-button-action class on all cancel buttons (857df27a)
    • prevent output of empty heading when there is no page title (c3f7f225)
    • add apple-touch-icon (3e4d2164, closes #6176)
  • widgets: determine default values for num display in content view (bd20730d)
  • Really great, thanks again guys.
    Oh, just fyi, We're past september 7 at the download page ;-)

  • Oops, my bad! It seems I've only been paying attention to the version number. Fixed. :)

  • thanks for the upgrade. :)
    i have disabled my theme here and upgraded the local site to 1.9.5.. i am not seeing the apple touch icon in the head of the pages here (or the other links that have been moved from per's theme into the core here: https://github.com/PerJensen/Elgg/commit/3e4d2164eefa65e74773a224feb08770de2e69ad)

  • I am using 1.9.4 what is best way to install over it with the new 1.9.5? Will it break any plugins?

  • Patch upgrades (1.9.x) can be done just by copying the new code over the old one so that the old files get overridden by new ones. There is no need to delete any old files.

    More detailed upgrade instructions can be found from here: http://learn.elgg.org/en/1.9/admin/upgrading.html

    It is extremely unlikely that a patch upgrade would break a plugin.

  • Information for users of Tidypics that might be of relevance when upgrading to Elgg 1.9.5 (and you had used Elgg 1.8 on your site in the past):

    By the core fix

    Rechecks that all annotation comments have been migrated to entities (7d81094c, closes #7486)

    that came with Elgg 1.9.5 there might be comments (made on Elgg 1.8) showing up again that were invisible on previous versions of Elgg 1.9. As Tidypics handles comments made on its images and albums a little bit different, it's necessary to process these "new" comments by an upgrade script included in Tidypics itself. You might have run this script already in the past but due to the Elgg core bug there might have been some comments not processed yet.

    Therefore, the new version of Tidypics cleans up the possible incomplete upgrade procedure. Minimum Elgg version required is Elgg 1.9.5. Before running the Tidypics upgrade script (from the Tidypics plugin settings page) you MUST complete any pending Elgg core upgrades (especially the comments migration). Also, I would suggest to make a database backup before running the Tidypics upgrade as it might take a while to finish if a lot of comments need to be processed.

  • it's show me message in elgg 1.9.5 "There was a problem saving settings...". when i try to save setting for river 3c columnn activity,it was working fine in elgg 1.9.4 but not in latest version what is problem can anyone tell me????????????


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