Elgg Blog: Elgg 1.9.4 released

Elgg 1.9.4 has been released.


  • Juho Jaakkola (6)
  • Jeroen Dalsem (4)
  • Steve Clay (4)
  • Per Jensen (3)
  • Stian Liknes (3)
  • Jerôme Bakker (1)


  • plugins: Information on activation/deactivation (4e58ad4d)
  • web_services: Documentation for Elgg 1.9 (7cf0f8fd)

Bug Fixes

  • aalborg_theme: display search when logged out (31d3d190)
  • bookmarks: fixes more link in group bookmarks widget (adb46369, closes #6583)
  • css:
    • stop CSS from overwriting the width and height added in CKEditor (428234c0, closes #7269)
    • removed datepicker fixed width causing visual bug (803e05f5)
    • prevent select box from overflowing its container (3b7e94d5, closes #7290)
  • database: More robust sql script execution. (0c5ed4f2)
  • db: query cache properly handles more callable types (b8e58304)
  • discussion: discussion replies respect previous subscribers (d699fe63)
  • i18n:
    • improved change password email subject and body text (ade6d1c1)
    • translate notification messages to the recipient's language (071b2989, closes #7241, #NaN)
    • allow core to load translations for a specific language on-demand (6417d213)
  • install: prevent WSOD caused by site default language not being defined early enough (3b9dc902)
  • search: keep container param intact when navigating search results (3dd87ec1)

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