Elgg Blog: Elgg 1.9.2 released

Elgg 1.9.2 has been released.


  • Juho Jaakkola (8)
  • Steve Clay (2)


  • manifest: document how to use manifest.xml (f4fa7487)
  • river: adds documentation on how to use the river (d8be198c)
  • upgrade: clarifies upgrade instructions about updating Elgg codebase (6a8fec02, closes #7225)
  • views: adds documentation for the views system (ff6cf55b)

Bug Fixes

  • install: confirm that settings.php exists and is readable before including it (aaa828ed)
  • style: ordered list markers now always visible (ecccafc3, closes #7206)
  • upgrades: now stores ElggUpgrade by paths instead of full URLs (39cf72f0, closes #6838)


  • It seems language files (en) are out of sync with Transifex. At least the latest changes included in the main language file are not yet to be found at Transifex. The other way (pulling latest translations from Transifex) might also not be up to date.

  • Can you give me an example of a string that is missing?

  • There's no string missing but there are 3 strings in the engine's language file where the text has been modified:

    1. ElggUpgrade:error:url_invalid
    2. ElggUpgrade:error:url_not_unique
    3. ElggUpgrade:error:upgrade_url_required

    The modification was "URL" to "URL path(s)".

    The problem is that it's very difficult to keep any translations up to date, if the language files at Transifex and the language files included in an Elgg version drift. For one version it might still be possible but sooner or later you might not know anymore what has been changed. The translations might already get behind anyway (if not updated by their maintainers before a release is made). In most cases it might not matter much but it could get confusing if a string has been changed to have a completely different meaning or contains additional information. This could result in a problem for a user if he gets an error message (outdated translation) that makes not much sense anymore.

  • Not sure if this is the right forum, but I could use some help on two topics

    1st I'm getting hundreds of notifications of 
    "Deprecated in 1.8: Do not rely on $vars["url"] being available in views"

    and would like to know what I might alter to fix this issue.

    Second I have a few entity types that have lost their comments - e.g. tidypics albums, polls etc. and wonder how I might go about re-connecting them?


  • @knussear: first issue with $vars["url"] is caused by 3rd party plugins that still use $vars["url"] instead of elgg_get_site_url() in their code. You would have to change $vars["url"] to elgg_get_site_url() where ever it's used in the plugin code or have to wait for upgraded versions of these plugins.

    For the comment issue you most likely still need to execute some pending upgrades (see in admin section under "Configure" - "Upgrades"). This will change existing comments from annotations to entities in the database. For Tidypics you need to execute its own upgrade script from the Tidypics plugin settings page AFTER finishing the core upgrade.

  • Brilliant update to elgg, but i now have 1 or 2 errors i'm stumped with, 1 has been answered above, ($vars["url"] to elgg_get_site_url())

    But the other are = Deprecated in 1.8. Do not rely on $vars["config"] or $CONFIG being used in views.

    Other main issue is, for buttons such as 'create a new group' Or market posts, or upload pictures, the action buttons are now doubled, as in i have 2, 1 above the other. Any help is much appreciated.

  • @vertax Please create a separate discussion thread for each problem.

    You can create a new discussion to the technical support group here: https://community.elgg.org/discussion/add/179063

  • Thanks for the help - the $vars['url'] issue is solved, working on the comments bit, but Configure > Upgrades says my installation is up to date. What else should I check?

    Got one last error that is a bit sporadic and don't know how to fix it. When I click on activity tab to go to my main page I get and error stating 

    unexpected end of file filestore.php at line 257

    if I reload the page it comes up fine. Puzzled by this one.


  • @knussear: if the comments are missing for more than only the "image" and "album" subtypes it's quite likely not an issue of Tidypics alone but rather of the Elgg core upgrade to 1.9 having missed converting these comment annotations to comment entities. Do you remember having executed any upgrades from Configure > Upgrades at all and if you did where there any errors displayed (e.g. in the style of "conversion of XX entries failed")? Or the upgrade might have not completed for some reason (error occured or you interupted it) and there was just no error message. The only way to check that I currently can think of is looking into the annotations table of your site's database to see if there are still comment annotations. This would be a sign that the core upgrade hasn't finished successfully. If that's the case I don't know though how to fix this problem.

    For Tidypics the comments made on images and albums should be visible, if the core upgrade has been completed successfully. The Tidypics-specific upgrade to be executed afterwards should not have any influence on the existence / visibility of the comments (and surely not on comments made on other type of content).

  • @iionly - I don't recall any issues - I ran the upgrades and they seemed to go normally, same for tidy pics. But I for sure am missing comments that were made on a poll, a file, a tidy pics photo and an album. Is there any way to re-run these scripts?

  • Thanks for the reply @iionly - what am I looking for to ensure comment annotations are correct? I can see DBs in phpmyadmin - but I don't know what to look for...??


  • @knussear and @iionly - Like Juho said, these separate issues need to be in their own topics. Please create a new topic to continue the discussion.

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