Elgg Blog: Elgg 1.9.1 released

The much anticipated 1.9 release of Elgg has arrived. Read the upgrade instructions, then grab your copy and upgrade today!

With the release of Elgg 1.9, Elgg 1.7 is no longer maintained or supported. Elgg 1.8 will continue to receive security bugfixes, but no new features will be added. It's time to upgrade those old installations and enjoy improved speed, better stability, and fewer bugs!

We'd like the thank the numerous testers, developers, contributors, and everyone who gave feedback during the development of Elgg 1.9. All of you help make Elgg a better project. Thank you.

Before we talk about 1.9, also note that Elgg 1.8.20 was released with the following bugfixes:

  • Embed jquery target is now searched for instead of assuming last class.
  • System cache again supports regional designators in language codes.
  • Use recipient's language in site message notifications.
  • Fix Thewire word count JS events tapping.
  • Allow custom local scripts to trigger on uncaught exceptions.

Read on to learn about some of the highlights of Elgg 1.9!

First, Elgg 1.8 plugins should work on Elgg 1.9 with no changes. We took extra effort to make the 1.9 upgrade easier than previous upgrades, and in addition to better attention to backward compatibility, we've also included a detailed plugin upgrade documentation. Developers, please upgrade your plugins as soon as possible to take advantage of Elgg 1.9's features!

Most of the work on Elgg 1.9 is on the backend with new developer features that make Elgg more performant and easier to develop with. Some of these changes include:

  • A new dependency injection container system
  • AMD support through require.js
  • HTML5
  • New PSR-0 compliant class loader
  • Non-PHP files can be views
  • PHP Composer integration
  • Improved and relocated documentation

That said, in addition to numerous bugfixes and overall improvements, Elgg 1.9 has a number of noteworthy features for end users:

  • Hundreds of UI bugfixes
  • Better installation process
  • Aalborg, Elgg's new responsive theme
  • CKeditor, an improved rich text editor
  • More performant notifications
  • Improved behavior for restricting group content
  • Bundled translations powered by Transifex

For a complete list of changes, see the CHANGELOG.md file in the download.

We have a long list of code contributors to thank for helping with this release: 

  • Aday Talavera
  • Adrián Chaves Fernández (Gallaecio)
  • András Szepesházi
  • Angel Gabriel Vargas Beltran
  • Ash Ward
  • Ben Werdmuller
  • Brad Smith
  • Brett Profitt
  • bwoodnz
  • Cash Costello
  • Centillien
  • Danny Navarro
  • EC2 Default User
  • Emmanuel
  • Evan Winslow
  • Facyla
  • Hayden Shaw
  • hellekin
  • Ismayil Khayredinov
  • Janek Lasocki-Biczysko
  • Jeff Tilson
  • Jeroen Dalsem
  • Jerôme Bakker
  • John Supplee
  • JoseLGM
  • Juho Jaakkola
  • Kody Peterson
  • Liang Lee
  • ManUtopiK
  • Marcus Povey
  • Matt Beckett
  • Paul Shepel
  • Paweł Sroka
  • Per Jensen
  • Rasmus Lerdorf
  • RiverVanRain
  • Sem
  • slyhne
  • Steve Clay
  • Tantek Çelik
  • Team Webgalli
  • twentyfiveautumn
If you're wondering about the 1.9.0 release, you didn't miss it! We pulled it from the downloads shortly after releasing because of a bug discovered and debugged by xavgra2. Thanks!
  • Tried to upgrade and got this: Fatal error: Call to undefined function elgg_get_metadata_cache() in /home/vpofaus/public_html/mod/profile_manager/lib/hooks.php on line 40


  • You are still using the 1.8 version of profile_manager - you either need to disable or upgrade it

  • Congrats Team! Its time for all elggers to have a celebration.

  • Thanks looking good but I still have a couple of errors.

  • Congrats!!! and yay for the new version!!!

  • @Core devs: Finally! Great! Thanks!


    First, Elgg 1.8 plugins should work on Elgg 1.9 with no changes.

    This is a bit of a too optimistic statement. There are several widely used plugins that won't work on Elgg 1.9 without some modifications being necessary. For example, Profile Manager and Widget Manager are among the plugins that won't work in their present versions on Elgg 1.9 and I'm sure there are many others who are less often used that also won't work out of the box.

    Generally speaking, I would advice anyone who wants to upgrade their site to Elgg 1.9 to first check if theire are upgraded versions of the installed plugins for Elgg 1.9 available and (especially if not) to first test out if these plugins still work on Elgg 1.9 on a test installation.

    @gmwestrup The errors could be from any 3rd party plugin that has not been declared to work on Elgg 1.9 by the plugin developer. Depending on the error messages you might already know which plugins cause the errors. Check for new versions for these plugins. But you might have to wait for the release of Elgg 1.9 compatible versions of plugins if they are not already available before being able to upgrade your site.

    If in doubt about the cause of the errors, it would be better to open a separate new thread about them (or even several new threads for each different error).

  • Congrats! When do you think Elgg will fully be ajax powered out of the box?

  • @Michelle,

    There is no timeline for 2.0. We likely have a bunch more 1.x releases ahead of us. I see 2.0 happening only after all the most impactful issues have been addressed on the 1.0 branch, because from now on incrementing the major revision number means we have made breaking changes, and we want to avoid breaking changes if reasonably possible.


    I am currently working on an angular plugin which is a port of all my current work with elgg and angular to a new plugin that works on the community site. Experimenting with new ideas via plugins on the community site seems like a good way to get some real world user feedback without bloating Elgg core with risky ideas that we're then compelled to support for a long time. You can try out the current status of the work on community-test.elgg.org and report any new bugs at http://github.com/ewinslow/elgg-angular

  • :) I figured something like that was going on. Anyways hopefully the answer is helpful to anyone else who night have a similar question.

  • great! :)
    i upgraded to 1.8.20 - with no probs so far.
    i notice that the nginx config is not yet present in the 1.9 docs, so here's a recent thread on the topic:

    (i haven't tested this release of 1.9 on nginx here at all yet)

  • I was looking for plus or like button but all in vain. However, I have just a few words to say ... thanks for the new version of elgg 1.9. I will test it with my plugins on elgg community and upgrade them.


    ~~ Comment posted by a cellphone.

  • One issues notices after upgrading elgg from elgg 1.8.19 to elgg 1.19.1, the members plugin does not work. When the siteaname/members link is clicked, the No page found error shows...


  • @Tom: Works for me, please create separate thread and post details there.

  • @[cim]

    What you mean "ajax powered" ?  Likes? Comments? Replies on discussions? ...?

    OK, Elgg have more actions like as add_remove friend, edit_delete item etc... But Evan's solution do it already.

    Need more? You can ajax it easy with HistoryAPI. It's VERY easy and could be improve the performance for your website..

    Try it, bro!

  • @ Paweł Sroka, thanks for your concern. I will create a  separate thread and post details there concerning the members' plugin issue.


  • @Tom

    BUT... All works very well for me (sure, Elgg 1.9.1) ..

  • good to hear :D .. nice work developers ..

  • @RvR Ajaxify is exactly what I'm looking for. This looks promising, I'll be checking it out, thanks for the share.

  • @RvR not sure what I'm doing but it appears to not be loading the necessary content for the divs. It loads the css fine though.

    [Moderator: this comment was off-topic. It was moved to its own topic.]

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