Elgg Blog: Elgg 1.9.0-rc.3 released

Following our new 2-week release cycle (that recently passed the vote) we're proud to announce that third release candidate version of Elgg 1.9 is availible for download.

This release consists mostly of bug fixes:

  • a11y:
    • Add semantic structure to installer page layout (f446e6f1)
    • Use HTML5 form features on install forms (434efa22)
    • Label form fields in installer correctly (dff254a9)
  • aalborg_theme: removes unwanted margins (b972402d)
  • replies: Show reply's link on river (5fc031a5)
Thanks to the following developers who contributed to this release:
  • Evan Winslow
  • Paweł Sroka
  • Per Jensen
  • RiverVanRain
    List of changes is shorter than usual, but that's the consequence of shorter iterations.
    Since we missed blog post on Elgg 1.9.0-rc.2, please note that rc.3 includes following bug fixes from second release candidate version:
    • UserPicker: no messages in userpicker due to lack of i18n (7d7a7d5e)
    • aalborg_theme:
      • emphasizes sidebar navigation (6ae2148c, closes #6874)
      • Support fullscreen mode if user adds app to homescreen (2a193078, closes #6896)
      • show dashboard menu item only when logged in (c3e0fcb8)
      • inconsistency between owner-block and page menu (f54048a5)
      • only pass body_attrs if they are set (6ab77862)
    • deprecated: Corrected invalid deprecation notice and added more details to few others (5d78e2b1, closes #6869)
    • docs: Inline refs use @link instead of @see (50b0e39e)
    As always, thanks to all contributors of that version as well:
    • Evan Winslow
    • Per Jensen
    • Paweł Sroka
    • Jeroen Dalsem
    • John Supplee
      Main purpose of release candidates is to catch as many bugs as possible, so please report all bugs in our github issue tracker: https://github.com/Elgg/Elgg/issues

      Paweł Sroka

      Former Core Elgg team member, freelance developer.

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