Elgg Blog: Community is now served via SSL and SPDY

After recent update of community page to latest 1.9 release candidate version, followed by enabling search using SOLR integration, we're proud to announce that community is now served entirely over SSL. Such change not only improves security and privacy of the users, but also allows us to benefit from state-of-the-art HTTP optimizations such as SPDY.

The goal of SPDY is to reduce web page load time by prioritizing and multiplexing the transfer of web page subresources so that only one connection per client is required. Since today we are serving community page using spdy/3.1 as well as http/1.1, so if your browser supports SPDY, you can benefit from it today without changing anything.

If you're interested in more technical aspects of our configuration, you might want to check how our SSL configuration validates as well as our SSL configuration for Elgg 1.9 on Nginx.

Paweł Sroka

Former Core Elgg team member, freelance developer.

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