Elgg Blog: Introducing the Elgg Showcase

Today we're announcing the release of the Elgg Showcase, a new section of the community dedicated to showing off the best sites powered by Elgg.

For the longest time the place to share the Elgg sites you're working on has been in the Sites Powered by Elgg doc on docs.elgg.org. This was straightforward, but we felt it was not as compelling an experience as it could be, so we've written a plugin for the community site dedicated to showing off sites powered by Elgg.

Right now the page is extremely simple: just a static list of sites that I chose based on the existing list on the wiki linked above. However, it also features screenshots of the homepages of those sites, so you can get an at-a-glance feel for what that site has to offer. We think this important visual aspect will make the showcase that much more compelling than the previous solution.

If there's enough interest, we can put some more effort into letting you upload your own screenshots through the community site. Eventually we envision a ranking system so that the best sites can rise to the top, and profile integration so that people can see sites you or your team have worked on specifically. But all that depends on the interest level, so please let us know what you think!

If you'd like your site to be added to the showcase, please let us know by sending an email to info@elgg.org with your site's URL.

Evan Winslow

Software Engineer at Google. Elgg enthusiast. I wrote the Javascript and CSS frameworks for 1.8.

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